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it takes what it takes

LEAD LAB recommends the book It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life by Trevor Moawad.

It Takes What It Takes by Trevor Moawad is a self-help book that delves into the psychology of performance and success. Moawad, a renowned mental conditioning expert, shares his insights on achieving peak performance by changing one's mindset. The book emphasizes the power of neutral thinking, encouraging readers to focus on what they can control and accept what they cannot. Moawad draws on his experiences working with elite athletes and high-performing individuals to offer practical strategies for overcoming challenges, managing stress, and developing a resilient mindset. The central theme revolves around the idea that individuals can optimize their performance by adopting a neutral mindset, eliminating negative self-talk, and cultivating habits that lead to success. It Takes What It Takes serves as a guide for anyone seeking to enhance their mental approach to achieve their goals in various aspects of life.

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