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how leaders missed global unhappiness

LEAD LAB recommends the book, "BLIND SPOT":

"Unhappiness has been increasing globally for a decade, according to Gallup — and its rise has been missed by almost every world leader.

That’s because while leaders pay close attention to measures like GDP or unemployment, almost none of them track their citizens’ wellbeing.

The implications of this blind spot are significant and far-reaching — leaders missed the citizen unhappiness that triggered events ranging from the Arab uprisings to Brexit to the election of Donald Trump.

What are they going to miss next?

Grounded in Gallup’s global research, Blind Spot makes the urgent case that leaders should measure and quantify wellbeing and happiness — how citizens’ lives are going — and shows them how. It also discusses the five key elements of a great life and where the world needs to improve in each of them to better the lives of people everywhere."

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